Ralph M., between the two of us, it’s all about comfort.

In its French workshop, Ralph M. creates and crafts personalisable top-quality sofas and armchairs. A bold challenge.
And one achieved successfully for more than 30 years. The Ralph M. team fulfils the essential challenge of the Made in France label: guaranteed quality through the ability to combine the best materials with expertise and open-minded flexibility.

Style and bold design.

Our stylists take inspiration from the latest trends in home decoration. Every sofa and armchair they design is the focus of a permanent commitment to beauty and comfort.
Contemporary, Classic or Club, our furniture challenges conventional wisdom with its subtle interplay of textures and prints. View the collection

Canapé et fauteuil CLOUD Ralph M.

Specialist expertise and the finest materials.

Quality demands expertise, and expertise is the product of long experience and passion.
Every stage in the production of our furniture is entrusted to a specialist expert in his or her art. Precise, patient and exacting, they work with the finest woods, fabrics and leathers to create a perfect and durable finished piece. The expertise of Ralph M.

A close relationship at every stage.

We believe in human relationships and interaction. Our beech wood frames are crafted by joiners in Anjou and the Vosges. The frames they produce are stored in our warehouse at Miré in the Maine et Loire region of France before moving through the full sequence of craft trades: varnishers, saddlers, padding specialists, cutters and upholsterers.
All work together in the same location, contributing their individual skills to meet your expectations. Sofas Made in France

Our extensive network of partner stores
means that there’s sure to be one near you.

The professional advisers in our outlets in France and abroad (Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel) offer you a broad range of options to add the perfect finishing touches to your home with precisely the right look and level of comfort you demand. Find your nearest store.

Hospitality & Contracts

We also offer a bespoke service for hotel contracts and other hospitality projects. The Ralph-M collection can be personalized to meet interior designers and architects requirements. View Hospitality & Contracts.

RALPH M., a new collection with its own distinct identity.

For more than 30 years, Ralph M. has used its expertise and attention to detail in creating pieces that draw on the latest trends in furniture. But we also enjoy exercising our own bold originality. In fact, we like it so much that we always want to go further in asserting our unique aesthetic.

The new RALPH M. range embodies our desire to take creative risks and enhance the standard pieces of the furniture repertoire by revisiting them.

We believe that design is as valid an artistic expression as literature, painting and music. The RALPH M. brand makes everything possible. It is in many ways our laboratory in which luxury, comfort and good design come together to create timeless pieces with their own distinct identity.