The LOBAÏ sofa is an invitation to laziness. Its unparalleled comfort guarantees wonderful moments of relaxation and relaxation. Its generous backrest cushions gently wrap you.

Its refined line is resolutely contemporary and refined. The LOBAÏ sofa is perfectly suited to large interior design spaces.

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Space-saving, very comfortable with a contemporary look, the LOLLYPOP chauffeuse quickly became a best-seller in the RALPH M collection. It is the result of a successful collaboration between the designer Frédéric GAUNET and the RALPH M design office.

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The DUO coffee table is very functional due to its hinged top, interior storage and side extensions. However, it does not neglect aesthetics. Its beautifully crafted patchwork top is a subtle blend of wood species, oak, walnut and ash. A naturally beautiful and above all very practical table for everyday use.

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Very functional and original lounge tables.
Oak, walnut or ash, natural wood species full of life and authenticity. Each table is unique.
The base can also be customised: a steel base for an industrial or workshop atmosphere, wooden legs to coordinate with more cosy atmospheres.
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In its French workshop, Ralph M. creates and crafts personalisable top-quality sofas and armchairs. A bold challenge.
And one achieved successfully for more than 30 years.
 The Ralph M. team fulfils the essential challenge of the Made in France label: guaranteed quality through the ability to combine the best materials with expertise and open-minded flexibility.

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“We know our creations from every angle.
They make it difficult for us on certain days
and a lot of satisfaction from other times.
We put all our know-how into it.
Each piece is unique and we are proud of it. »

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