Don’t just sit on quality…
stretch out
and luxuriate in it!

“We know our pieces
down to the last stitch.
Some days, they drive us crazy, and some days they give us huge satisfaction.
We put all our expertise into them.
Every piece is unique, and we’re proud of that.”

For the varnishers, saddlers, padding specialists, cutters and upholsterers of Ralph M., it’s all about passion. The passion for high-quality work and the pride of a perfect result.

Our craftsmen and women work with materials selected for their sophistication and strength. The frames of our sofas and armchairs are made from solid beech machined in France, and fabrics are selected with great care from highly respected suppliers.

We apply uncompromising standards to the finishes of our furniture and the materials used (webbing, springs, padding, threads, leathers, etc.), which gives us the confidence to guarantee all our sofas and armchairs for 7 years (excluding covers).

See how our sofas are made

Sofa design and production video

View the Sofa design and production video