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The Club Chair by Ralph M.: timeless.

For nearly a century the club chair has stood the test of time and lost none of its authenticity. It ages, but always with class and elegance. The patina it gains simply makes it more beautiful over time, without compromising its comfort in any way.

The Club Chair, unparalleled, enduring comfort.

The Club chair… unequalled comfort
Its rounded form and generously upholstered sprung seat offering the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness is an irresistible invitation to relax and chat the evening away in total comfort.

All these attributes endure appealingly, and with a lifespan of around 40 years, these chairs often become family heirlooms. What other piece of furniture today could boast such a central place in your life?

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Fauteuil club SAINT-NICOLAS Ralph M.

The club chair, a product of tradition and craftsmanship.

The club chair is able to shrug off the effects of time and use, because it is traditionally produced using real craftsmanship. Perpetuating the cachet and appeal of its 1920s origins means working with real respect for materials and craft processes.

The choice of leather is the determining factor in the resistance of a chair to natural wear and the creation of the patina sought after by lovers of period furniture. Only full-grain sheepskin – also known as ‘basane leather’ – can provide this durability and look. At Ralph M., every hide is dyed, waxed and patinated by hand to create precisely the desired look. Its grain and character will then change and mature subtly to reflect the effects of time.

High-quality seat springing and deep upholstery of cushions, back and arms is essential to ensure that the chair does not lose its characteristic shape prematurely. All the springs, webbing, goose feathers and foam we use are selected for their durability. In addition to this uncompromising commitment to quality, at Ralph M., these materials are put to work with real expertise that leaves nothing to chance, from fixings to finishings and the even distribution of padding.

Only real craftsmanship can guarantee this level of authenticity that comes so close to that of period chairs. Experience the expertise of Ralph M.

The Club Chair… timeless style offered in many shape and colour combinations.

Do you love the authentic club chair look? Then you’re certainly looking for a rounded form in tanned brown fine-grained sheepskin that will gain an inevitable natural patina over time. The Saint-Nicolas Club chair and sofa could be precisely what you’re looking for.

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